5 Main Events in My Birth Year

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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1965 An Important Year

Cathy Lemon
Reading 052
Professor: S Ritmiller
May 1 2013

On August 22 1965 I was born the seventh child to my parents Timothy and Louise Williams. I was born in perhaps one of the most important years of history. There were numerous major events that occurred in 1965 that changed the work forever.  In the following paragraphs I have listed five of what I consider the most important major events that changed the world.      On July 30 1965, then Present Lyndon B Johnson signed into law a new Health Insurance program that we now know as Medicare. Medicare was first proposed by Present Truman in 1945; however, the proposal was defeated because of such factors as, being labeled by The Medical Association as socialized medicine. An interesting fact, twenty one years later in 1966 Present Johnson presented Present Truman and his wife Bess with the first Medicare Cards. Today millions of seniors rely on Medicare to live, without Medicare seniors could not afford prescriptions, hospitalizations, and doctor visits. Medicare was an amendment to The Social Security ACT. Medicare has greatly improved the life of seniors. Although the program is still seen by some as socialized medicine, where would we be without Medicare today?        Another major event that changed the world forever was the Voting Act of 1965. After The Civil Rights Act of 1964 violence broke out in the south; some whites were determined to stop Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. success in getting blacks registered to vote. Johnson was forces to outlawed literacy tests and tax polling which was used to assess whether anyone was fit to vote in an effort to keep African American’s from voting. Thus, the voting act of 1965 was signed in August. Johnson introduced to Congress the idea of a Voting Rights Act in what is considered to be one of his best speeches ever. The voting ACT of 1965 is known as a landmark piece of national legislation that outlawed discriminatory voting...
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