5 kingdoms

Topics: Eukaryote, Bacteria, Plant Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: September 20, 2014
NAME: Andrade Sanjines Paola Andrea

In the world there is a great variety of living creatures and each belongs to a kingdom. The five major kingdoms are: the kingdom monera, the kingdom protista, the kingdom fungi, the kingdom of the plants, and the kingdom of the animals. The kingdom monera contains primitive organisms. These organisms are very small, single celled and do not have a nucleus. They consist of prokaryotes which include species like the bacteria, archae bacteria, cyanobacteria and mycoplasma. Also, some bacteria are beneficial to us, such as the ones found in yogurt. But others can cause us to get sick. The kingdom protista as the kingdom monera contains single celled organisms. But these are different of the previous ones because of they have a nucleus. The principal characteristics of these are that they are mainly aquatic, and when some protistas move around, others stay in one place. Some examples of protistas are algae, paramecium, and amoeba. Fungi are usually motionless organisms and belong as their name show to the kingdom fungi. Most fungi are multicellular and consist of many complex cells. They absorb nutrients from parts of plants that are decaying in the soil for survival. These organisms are mostly parasites and also symbionts. Mushrooms, mold and mildew are all examples of organisms in the kingdom fungi. The kingdom of the plants is the second largest kingdom. The plants are very complex multicellular organisms. They contain chlorophyll, which helps them prepare their own food by the process of photosynthesis in which plants convert energy from sunlight into food. This kingdom includes all types of plants like herbs, shrubs, trees, flowering and non flowering plants.   The biggest kingdom is the kingdom of the animals. The animals are the most complex organisms because they are multicellular, they eat food for survival, and they have nervous systems. Besides, there are more species of animals than all the...
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