5 Famous Filipino Entrepreneurs

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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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5 Famous Filipino Entrepreneurs
By: Lori Boyd
Break Studios Contributing Writer

The 5 famous Filipino entrepreneurs are businessmen whose families emigrated from mainland China to the Philippines before the 2ndWorld War when the there was a strong economy. Some sought out regular employment and others set up small businesses. Although each took a different approach, there is one common denominator among them before they became famous Filipino entrepreneurs: they all had an unparalleled work ethic. While there are other factors that contributed to their achievements (being frugal, a good financial sense and a strong network of fellow Chinese businessmen for support) the collective image of the famous Filipino entrepreneurs working hard and diligently has stuck in the minds of almost all budding entrepreneurs in the Philippines. This list showcases famous Filipino entrepreneurs who are icons in the local business scene. 1. Henry Sy. As a child, Henry Sy used to work twelve hours a day to help his father run their small family-owned convenience store. During the Second World War, their store was looted and burned so the young Sy switched to buying whatever he could to sell for a profit. Hard times and a humble background in retail shaped and molded the young Sy. Today, he is touted by the business community as the richest man in the Philippines. With over fifty malls and stores of various sizes, the most recognized of all famous Filipino businessmen has foothold in virtually all the major cities in the Philippines. They recently even expanded to Guam and China. To date, three of the ten largest malls in the world are owned and operated by his company. 2. Lucio Tan. Lucio Tan worked as a janitor in a cigarette factory. After a few promotions, he eventually resigned and started his own tobacco company. His tobacco company grew to capture a 60% share of the Philippine market. With its strong revenues, Tan was able to diversify. This famous Filipino...
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