5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Campaign

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5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Campaign
In today’s age, social networking sites have become phenomenal. Since the introduction of MySpace in 2003, various other social networking sites have emerged – LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook (Scott, David). With over 600 million active users, it is no wonder that online creative marketing on Facebook has reached intensive levels within the past two years, establishing a new and exciting channel to promote and market companies, products, and celebrities (Facebook.com). Due to its number of users, Facebook has often been chosen as the social media platform of choice for online marketing campaigns. Two notable Facebook campaigns: IKEA’s showroom campaign and the Whopper Sacrifice campaign. IKEA Showroom Campaign

IKEA hired Forsman & Bodenfors to devise a cost-effective original digital campaign for IKEA’s new store in Malmo, Sweden (Hepburn, Aden). The ad agency designed a way to use IKEA’s existing inventory and Facebook’s existing photo tagging feature to create a viral campaign. They created a Facebook profile for their store manager, Gordon Gustavsson and uploaded photos of the IKEA showrooms onto Gordon’s Facebook profile page (Creativity Online). During a two week period, 12 photos were uploaded to the photo albums. The people who tagged their name on a product first would get that IKEA product for free. After the two week period, there was a demand for more showroom photos. It attracted many people to visit Gordon Gustavsson’s profile page to view the showroom photos and people personally promoted this on their own profile pages as they tagged themselves on products. The campaign would appear on their friend’s newsfeeds. This created an interesting and fun way for people to interact with the brand, with each other, and to spread the word without making it seem like an advertisement. Participants gladly put their name on IKEA’s interactive catalogue and spread the words to hundreds of others in their networks. Since the launch of the campaign, the created Facebook profile has spread internationally to friends of people around the world (Ho, Melvin). Following the campaign, IKEA made a video and posted it on YouTube. IKEA was talked about through thousands of profile pages and blogs that featured the campaign or the video. Tweets also came into place, started by fans, friends, and competition. From this campaign, it can be seen that IKEA was able to leverage all the major social media platforms with one simple but smart competition on Facebook.

Whopper Sacrifice Campaign
The Whopper Sacrifice was a campaign created on Facebook using an application that would reward the user with a coupon to a free Whopper if they deleted ten of their Facebook friends. The widget would tell the user’s deleted friends that they were sacrificed for a free Whopper. This sparked a viral war of Friend Sacrifices – a race to see who would “dump” their friends first. The campaign went viral and soon over 238,000 friendships were deleted within two short weeks (Hepburn, Aden). The ad campaign brought Burger King’s name onto multiple blogs, media releases, and on national television. The campaign was eventually shut down by Burger King due to the fact that Facebook requested to remove the application’s feature of notifying the deleted friends that they have been sacrificed – the most important part of the campaign. It was what helped to make the application viral (Crispin, Porter). The result of the campaign was that it successfully went viral. Burger King was able to make their point, that people liked their friends, but LOVED the Whopper. Although controversial and slightly offensive to some, Burger King stayed true to their brand image and message. They proved that people truly loved the Whopper.

5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Campaign
We all know that Content is King!, but aside from quality content, what elements are required for a Facebook campaign to be...
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