5 Converts of Islam

Topics: Islam, Religion, Converts to Islam Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: December 2, 2012
5 Converts of Islam and why they did
Ice Cube converted to Islam because he believes in their philosophies. He's also on record as saying he does not really practice it anymore but simply believes in the fundamental principles of the religion. Mike Tyson one of the world’s greatest ever boxers who reverted to Islam while in jail. He then planned to visit Mecca and Medina. He decided to convert to Islam be he understood what it meant to love God and after hearing about the religion he was fascinated and ready to convert. Cat Stevens relates that he nearly drowned off the coast of California in 1976 when he shouted for God to save him. Thereafter he was grateful for being saved and thus he began searching to quench his thirst for spirituality. Stevens relates that he never found what he was looking for in many major religions. One day, his brother gave him a copy of the Quran. Stevens felt that in his opinion that is what he was looking for. Stevens took a liking to the story of Joseph in the Quran, feeling he could relate to that story. Stevens converted to Islam and abandoned his pop career in 1977. He adopted the name Yusuf Islam in 1988. Malcolm x converted to Islam because he was constantly lectured about it by his brother and by some inmates while in prison. He also hit a real low while in prison and found that Islam was a way out and a solution to some of his problems. Jermaine Jackson converted in 1989 after a trip to Bahrain. He was so touched by the religion and felt he really understood the meaning of believing in God so then he converted.
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