5 Benefits of Swimming

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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5 Benefits of Swimming
Most of us know that swimming helps to tone our body and burn calories. However, beyond the perspective of losing a few pounds and helping us maintain our physique, swimming offers many other advantages. Some of the most significantbenefits of swimming have been listed below: Swimming Increases Cardiovascular ConditioningHeart diseases are among the most common of lifestyle illnesses. Contemporary work schedules and diets are such that heart diseases in the mid-30s are no longer shocking. To avoid this fatal illness, you need better cardiovascular endurance. This is best developed by swimming. This activity engages nearly every muscle in the body. It improves blood circulation which helps to scrape away the small layers of cholesterol or other toxins within the blood vessels. This is among the few aerobic exercises that can burn a lot of calories without putting too much pressure on the limbs or making you gasp for breath. Further, swimming tends to engage a large number of calories, per stroke. This includes calories sourced from cholesterol which is the leading cause of heart-related illnesses and elevated blood pressure. Swimming Improves Flexibility, Posture & BalanceFlexibility refers to our range of motion. This includes the ability to maneuver our hands, feet, neck and the back. As we age, our flexibility tends to decline. This is mainly due to the reduction in our level of daily, physical activities. Swimming is a rare exercise since apart from working the muscles; it also stretches the muscle fibers and ligaments. This is vital for maintaining the tension in our tendons that supports various bodily movements. People often suffer from musculoskeletal problems due to bad posture or loss of muscle tone. Swimming is the only low-impact exercise that requires the entire body to function coherently. This means it forces the body to realign itself in a more uniform manner. This is vital for completing those laps around the swimming...
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