5.07a Cowboys

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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1.Think about the images that come to your mind when you see or hear the word "cowboy." Identify 10 of these images. You might even want to think about thumbing through some country magazines for any needed inspiration. These words can illustrate physical characteristics, gender, age, types of work, family life, ethnic background, speech patterns, customs, or other details. Please provide a list of at least 10 terms. Male, stern, rough, gruff, dirty, white, and talks deep and slow and really southern, not nice unless he knows you, sleeps on the ground, love his horse.

2. Read about all of the cowboys found at Legends of America.

3.Then you will select one Badman and Lawman, one Woman of the West, one Showbiz Cowboy, and one Cowboy and Western Facts. Fred Dodge/Lawman- Dodge was a very well known undercover investigator in the west. Dodge was a huge part of the investigation of the Bisbee Massacre; this is where six desperados left four people dead inside the Goldwater store in Bisbee. . In 1890 Dodge came out and started working openly for Wells Fargo in Texas, during this time he worked a number of cases not only in Texas but Oklahoma also. Billy the Kid/Badman- Henry McCarty aka, Billy the Kid, was born on November 23, 1859, in New York City. In 1875 McCarty was arrested for his first time for hiding a bundle of stolen clothes for a man playing a prank on a Chinese laundryman. Two days after he did this, he was thrown in jail, and this would be the start of his fugitive life. When he got arrested, him being a teenager and somewhat small he cleverly climbed up the jailhouse chimney and escaped. Annie Rogers/Woman of the west- Annie first got ti be suspicious when she tried trading $500 dollars in small bills for bigger bills to the bank, but the banker new that there had been a robbery on a Train, so he immediately called detectives. Once detective arrived, Annie denied her knowing that the bills were stolen. She was later interrogated and...
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