5.03 a Rose for Emily

Topics: English-language films, Death, Complaint Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: January 19, 2013
5.03 Regionalism: Faulkner “A Rose for Emily” English III

Part I: Character Identification

Emily Grierson- A mysterious woman who had secrets kept and a puzzlement to the community around her. •Colonel Sartoris- The man who reassured her that she would not need to pay taxes or anything. •Tobe- A loyal servant that fed and took care of Miss Emily as well as her secrets of which he never told anyone. •Judge Stevens- He acquired new solutions to the community complaints of and about Miss Emily I suppose as respect for the elderly woman. •Homer Barron- A man that came into Miss Emily’s life who after a while was not seen again until the day Miss Emily died and was found in a bedroom upstairs decaying.

Part II: “A Rose For Emily” Questions

1.What metaphor is used to describe Miss Emily in the first paragraph? In the first paragraph they described Miss Emily as a Fallen Monument. 2.How is the house personified in the second paragraph of the story? The house is personified as a beautiful house at first with scrolled balconies, cupolas, spires and beautiful flowers. Then towards the ending of the paragraph the house is withered with time and left un developed while as the houses around hers develop and acquire a new style. Miss Emily’s house was described as an eyesore. 3.What had Colonel Sartosis done for Miss Emily in 1894?

Colonel Sartosis remitted Miss Emily’s taxes with a dispensation dating from the death of her father and on to perpetuity. 4.What did the next generation of town leaders do on the first year? The alderman issued Miss Emily a notice to pay her taxes and when that hadn’t been claimed they issued another and when the same happened they decided to send people to her house to have a discussion on the issue. 5.How does Faulkner describe Miss Emily in the Sixth paragraph? In the sixth paragraph Miss Emily is described as a small, fat woman in black, with some...
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