4th of July Speech

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Abraham Lincoln, Slavery Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: March 18, 2011
In reading this speech I see the points Frederick Douglass is pointing to. When Frederick Douglass read this speech in 1852 he reminds us of the birthday of America's independence which at the time was 76 years of freedom. Frederick Douglass is proud that our nation was still young saying that our nation is only in the beginning of carrer. He then reminds us of a time when America was still under the rule of Britain. The people of America were under the English government and England was their fatherland. America's home government did make limitations and restraints in which our fathers differed with. They thought that the limitations put on them were unjust and unreasonable. They protested against this in a respectful and loyal manner because of how England was treating the American Colonies. In form of a resolution they contemplated that their united colonies should become Independent States and that every political connection between them and Britain should be put away. Our fathers have succeeded with this resolution giving us the freedom we have today in America. This made the 4th of July an anniversary day we properly celebrate every year. Patriotism and Pride prompt us to celebrate this day in remembrance of the Declaration of Independence. Douglass's words say to stand by those principles made by the Declaration of Independence on all occasions and places at whatever cost. Douglass then states the case that he is not included in the blessings of American freedom. He also states that the justice, liberty, and independence received by our fathers are shared by the audience but not himself. He then says that the Fourth of July is theirs not his stating that while they rejoice he mourns. This then leads him to discuss the subject of American slavery. He then talks about slavery from a slave's point of view. He says that America has never looked darker than on this 4th of July. Whether discussing about the past or present this nation showed a class of evil...
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