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Topics: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Diet Coke Pages: 19 (7021 words) Published: February 26, 2011

Group #8

Ömür Bali 9453 Soner Beyhan 9413 Oktay Kılınç 9461 İrem Parmaksızoğlu 8066

Project Supervisor: Burcu Taşoluk

Project TA: Arda Onur Ertem

Submitted to Faculty of Management of Sabanci University May 20, 2008

1. Executive Summary First of all we started the project, as the group # 8, with searching for an innovative product to do a marketing plan. We aimed food and beverage sector first because it needs less technological information and much more creative marketing ability. We searched through internet and databases to find specific information about our ideas. We look for Turkish brands which are suitable for innovative products. As a result of our search, we came up with a protein beverage idea and the huge gap in the Turkish protein beverage market supported our idea. To reach our goal we considered choosing a strong brand name with many marketing opportunities. The biggest company in the beverage and sports drink market is the ”Coca Cola” Company. With its extremely strong company name, distribution channels and marketing strategy, the Coca Cola Company was a good fit for our product. So we decided to make a brand extension within the Coca Cola Company and start to plan a protein and energy drink, two in one. Coca Cola has a product named “PowerAde” which is a product in Coca-Cola’s sports drinks sector. So we decided that sports drink sector could be a good “new developing” sector for Coca Cola. After deciding the product type and the company, we determined the name of the product. The name of the product is “Pro!”. Pro is compressed version of the word professional and it is easily to remember like another product name of the company, Coca Cola Zero. The name underlines the power and excitement of performance ability, which we are trying to emphasize to our customers with our product. After deciding the name, we developed marketing strategies to improve our marketing plan. We investigated competitors’ positions, market shares and their products and the difference between our product and their products. We stated our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a SWOT analysis, to see the whole image of the market and our place in the market. After seeing the whole image, we focused the customer part of the marketing plan. We made market segmentation for our product. We grouped people according to their differences which then did help us to target the market. We targeted professional and non-professional sportsmen/women, children at growing ages and people who need to consume protein more than others. After deciding the targeted consumers, we investigate the market for pricing issues. As a new product we decided to give lower price than our competitors with higher quality standards to gain space and share in the market. In that manner we used the new scientific results that allowed us to use Soybean for protein. As other marketing strategies, we try to come up with strong and powerful packaging and labeling strategies. We decided to use 330 ml cans and 500ml bottle. With different taste choices like lemon, orange and apple we try to reach different consumers.

Because Pro is a new and innovative product for Turkish market, as the marketers, we give great importance to marketing communication strategies. We decided to use objective-task-method for our promotion and advertising budget. We decided to use integrated marketing communications with a strong and clear message “Gücünü Hisset!”. As advertisement we think of using famous sportsmen/women as opinion leaders highlighting the performance of our product and using doctors to eliminate the prejudices of the customers about the health issues of Pro. We construct sales plans and public relation plans to support these advertisements. Our goal is to succeed to the market leader title in the sports drink market of Turkey under the brand of “Coca-Cola”.

2. Company Description 2.1 The Coca...
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