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Chapter 10: Crafting the Brand Positioning


Multiple Choice

1. As part of the strategic brand management process, each company and offering must represent a distinctive ________ in the mind of the target market. a. promotion
b. cell
c. big idea
d. ad
e. organizational concept
Answer: cPage: 309Level of difficulty: Medium

2. All marketing strategy is built on STP—segmentation, targeting, and ________. a. positioning
b. product
c. planning
d. promotion
e. performance
Answer: aPage: 310Level of difficulty: Medium

3. ________ is the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market. a. Positioning
b. Product conceptualization
c. Promotion presentation
d. Performance imaging
e. Preproduct launching
Answer: aPage: 310 Level of difficulty: Easy

4. The result of positioning is the successful creation of ________, a cogent reason why the target market should buy the product. a. an award winning promotional campaign
b. a customer-focused value proposition
c. a demand channel
d. every-day-low-pricing
e. strategic window of opportunity
Answer: bPage: 310Level of difficulty: Hard

5. A good illustration of the value position for Perdue (chicken) is ________. a. one price beats all
b. bring chicken to the world
c. ethical values, the American way, and quality chicken
d. chicken any way you like it
e. more tender golden chicken at a moderate premium price Answer: ePage: 311Level of difficulty: Hard

6. A starting point in defining a competitive frame of reference for a brand positioning is to determine ________—the products or sets of products with which a brand competes and which function as close substitutes. a. functional membership

b. competitive field
c. category membership
d. value membership
e. demand field
Answer: cPage: 311Level of difficulty: Medium

7. Which of the following terms is most closely associated with the following statement: “attributes or benefits consumers strongly associate with a brand, positively evaluate, and believe that they could not find to the same extent with a competitive brand”? a. Brand image

b. Points-of-difference
c. Points-of-parity
d. Points-of-value
e. Brand concept
Answer: bPage: 312 Level of difficulty: Medium

8. ________ are associations that are not necessarily unique to the brand but may in fact be shared with other brands. a. Points-of-parity
b. Points-of-difference
c. Brand cells
d. Brand positions
e. Points-of-competitive field
Answer: aPage: 313 Level of difficulty: Medium

9. To achieve a point-of-parity (POP) on a particular attribute or benefit, a sufficient number of consumers must believe that the brand is “________” on that dimension. a. most excellent
b. neutral
c. marginal
d. good enough
e. service-based
Answer: dPage: 313 Level of difficulty: Medium

10. The preferred approach to positioning is to inform consumers of a brand’s membership before stating its ________. a. point-of-parity
b. point-of-difference
c. point-of-conflict
d. point-of-weakness
e. point-of-reference
Answer: bPage: 314 Level of difficulty: Medium

11. There are three main ways to convey a brand’s category membership: announcing category benefits, ________, and relying on the product descriptor. a. overt publicity
b. industry trade press
c. buzz marketing
d. preference positions
e. comparing to exemplars
Answer: e Page: 315Level of difficulty: Hard

12. To avoid confusing brand loyal customers, Ford presented the X-trainer as a “sport wagon.” With respect to ways of conveying a brand’s category membership, which of the following did Ford use with its new product? a. Announcing category benefits.

b. Comparing to exemplars....
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