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The purpose of this assignment is to decide the marketing plan for the Warner Brothers’ Justice League two video games that will launch to market in the summer of 2013 with the movie at the same time. And we will utilize the marketing mix theory to analyze traits of our product and to determine the pricing strategy, the promotion plan and so on…

Due to our target customer mainly young children and teenage, but they have different tastes of game type, if the game is too difficult or violence, it may not suitable for the young children. Otherwise, if it is too simple or naïve, the teenage may not buy it. Therefore, for fulfilling our customer needs and reach the maximum potential customers. thus, it is important to rich the product mix, so we will launch two video games related to the movie on two major consoles in market and differentiate them one of them is prepare for young children and the other for teenage which are designed with different game type and difficulty level, there two products should be covered the most of the video games market.

The core customer value of our products is entertaining the customers for their free time; most of them playing video games for seek for happiness and reduce the stress. Also, our products can be a motivation for the customers; our games have some problems or riddles for them to solve and some difficult achievements to accomplish, when they completed these, they will get the confidence, achievement or respect by their peers. Thence, they can meet their self-actualization and esteem levels of the Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory. Moreover, it can be a collectable for the Justice League heroes’ fans, they can role-playing the heroes through our games to satisfy their heroism mentality.

According to the customers buying behaviors, we can be classified our product as a shopping products. The consumers usually do more planning and effort for gathering the products before they decide to buy, they need to know the characters, story line, game types and also the price before buying a video game. Furthermore, the consumers of video games buying frequency is low, normally they just buy one or few video game each time and month apart every purchase, and each game will only purchase once. Most importantly, consumers will make comparison with other brands, so they will compare the game content, graphical quality and the game features. Also, there are so many substitutes to replace our product. Due to the main core customer value of our product is entertaining their free time, so there are numinous of entertainment substitutes, such as doing exercise, watching TV and reading books etc…

Although, the justice league have large number of fans base, they might buy this game because of the justice league brand name, but we determine the differentiate marketing strategy, and the most of consumer only focuses on the game features and amusement of the game rather than the brand name, so there should be the function is more important than the brand name.

Except the cost affecting our pricing of our products, there are external factors are particularly relevant to product price. The market structure is one of the factors that affecting our price, there are many sellers selling different products and it is very similar to competition, each product in the video market is a bit different from one another, and consumers are focus on those differences rather than the price, so video game market is a monopolistic competition market structure. The other external factor is the customer expectations. Customer already expected an acceptable pricing range for the product, and expected how many value and content which they can get from the product for paying in some price. If the product is priced above this range, they will expect receive more value from the product. So the product price is already restricted by the customer expectations. This expectation is come...
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