4p's Seminar

Topics: Project management, Google Apps, Project manager Pages: 2 (845 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Our group has broken our project down into the four P’s to better determine key aspects of our seminar. The four P’s include purpose, process, people, and perimeter. These factors help describe what we will be doing in our project, how we will be carrying it out, who is affected and group assignments, and challenges we ran into. First, we will start with purpose. Our group defined our purpose as being able to improve the students’ ability to understand and utilize the online Google apps. We covered five Google apps, including Google+ hangouts, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Asana. We strived to give every student a good understanding of each app and give them the knowledge they need to use each app on a daily basis in not only a global business setting but in any business setting. Through our project, we were able to meet our purpose and educate the entire class on the Google apps and therefore deserve an A in this aspect of the project. Next, we determined our process. We broke down the given time period we had to complete our project into dates and times so we would be able to complete everything we needed to do in a timely manner. First off we started out by creating our Plan of Action and our constitution and having then written and sent to the project manager to be reviewed by October 5. On October 12 we met as a group and ran through everyone’s apps making sure we all had a good understanding of what each one involved. We repeated this on October 19, and shared any further information that was gathered on each app. We conducted each of these meeting through Google+ Hangouts, as a way to learn and utilize our apps. On October 24, we filmed the videos for our class lesson and posted them on Basecamp. We completed our seminar project on October 28. We also meet on a weekly basis on Friday mornings to discuss details and plan out our next moves. We completed our project in a timely manner and met all our deadlines so therefore...
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