4p's on Marketing

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The Marketing Mix Strategies
1. Product
Nokia's main product is mobile phone and it has a wide range of product portfolio including over a hundred devices. Nokia has produced the first mobile phone with the antenna inside, the first built-in camera, the first changeable faceplate or short-message chat function and so on. Nokia offers various mobile phones with varied quality, shape, size and color.

Product segmentation is very significant factor in the mobile device market to reach all consumers. Nokia cell phones can be divided into three categories which is business line, the multimedia line and the connect line. The business line refers to the mobile phones that have priority functions such as connectivity (Bluetooth, WAP, internet connection), time management applications such as a calendar. The multimedia line is targeted the young users with N-series mobile phones that enable users to watch video and TV, play games, listen to music and the other features such as navigation, large capacity hardware. The connect line category's users consist students who do not have disposable income or do not want to pay a lot of money for a mobile phone. These devices are still stylish and equipped some technological features such as internet, camera and mp3 player.

The market researches of Nokia shows that the consumers make decisions in accordance with their own preferences, the product brand and the ability of the economy when supplied with the mobile phone products with the same quality. Thus, researchers in Nokia analyze the different personalities, divide consumer groups and decide what kind of mobile should be supplied to a particular consumer community. This process is products positioning. Designing professional mobile phones with suitable size that fits the requirement of the user and high technology-enablement is what defines the Nokia brand. Consumers view a brand as an important part of a product, and branding can add value to a product. Nokia keeps...
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