4p's of Marketing Mix

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This reflective exposition is checking out 3 issues which could be lecture, the aforementioned being: Is exhibition brilliance being accomplished by these organisations why or why not. Also in what capacity can value conclusions be upgraded in the proposed organisations/industries and ultimately what is the most significant thing we have learnt from this studying interaction to the proposed modern visits. The 3 commercial ventures that I could be taking a gander at in this reflective article are MacDonald's, Land Transport Authority (LTA), and Euro- Copter.

1. Euro-Copter

Question 1:
To answer the first question we see does Euro-Copter achieve performance excellence we need to firstly define performance excellence. Performance excellence is when an organisation tries to deliver value to customers and stakeholders, it is when an organisation tries to achieve sustainability and it also looks at if the organisation archives effectiveness and enhances learning in the organisation for their employees. Euro copter South East Asia (ESEA) is a subsidiary of Euro copter Group; this is one of the world’s leading helicopter manufacturers. The company established in 1977 in Singapore, moved in the third quarter of 2010 to the newly redevelop 300 hectare Seletar Aerospace Park in Singapore. They are in charge of sales and customer support activates of 14 countries in the region, with a staff-strength of nearly 200 professional. ESEA serves different customers such as Armed Forces, Commercial Oil and Gas Operator, helicopter flying schools, etc. With a one-stop service centre ESEA provides Sale services, customer support activities: Customization, modification and retrofit, pilot training course and maintenance, etc. The company was awarded of the Region Headquarters Status so I think they are deserved to achieve performance excellence. For the Maintenance facilities, the centre in Thailand is currently certified for AS350, EC130, EC135, EC120 helicopters. The main activities include helicopter maintenance and training for pilot and Thailand technicians. As the pioneer and the only helicopter manufacture with facilities in Thailand (Bangkok), ASEA is able to provide turnkey solutions for local customers with fast service and support and they are always committed to deliver the same level of excellence that customers expect for their aircraft. They also offer their assistances 24hours a day / 7 days a week. From the support on-site technical support, their staff with fully qualified and dedicated management system is complemented by state-of-the-art system ensure that all requirements and customer needs are met to your maximum satisfaction. For the pilot training course, it can be delivered in Singapore, at the customer’s location or in Europe according to the needs of customers. The flight was carried out on the aircraft or helicopter flight simulation training devices including full flight simulator. ASEA team of instructors is committed to help customers to operate Euro copter aircraft to their full capacity, safety and efficiently.

Question 2
With advantages Euro copter has, they are being a part of a company evolving without limits and as the world’s number one vertical list of solution providers, their growth comes from providing a great variety of innovative, high quality products and services due to the dedication of their members. The company is constantly looking for passionate and dynamic people who can contribute and make difference in their dynamic organization. ESEA as an employer entrusts staff with responsibility and autonomy to expand, provide them with a great diversity of contract and tasks through horizontal project. Innovation is a very important thing for all areas or for all business, because it brings a lot of benefits to the organization. Innovation makes ESEA a distinct advantage over all competitors and also to provide safety as well as what customers expect. The immediate...
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