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Topics: Antibiotic resistance, Bacteria, Antibiotics Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: December 2, 2012
One of the issue that face by McDonald is chemical issue, which is about the antibiotic that the supplier given to animal, and lastly become meat and supply to McDonald. The unnecessary use of antibiotic to animals will rise of drug resistant bacteria that will bring public in the treat of growing public health risk. McDonald was aware about the consumer health issue concern, so company announced that they was asking supplier to reduce the use of antibiotics. Interest

There are organized and unorganized interests in this issue. The organized interest that involve in this issue is McDonald Company, and the unorganized interests that include McDonald’s customer, supplier, and McDonald’s workers. The main reason that McDonald asking supplier to reduce the use of antibiotic on the meat is about to increase the company reputation. Reputation is an intangible asset for a company, but it also plays an important role for the company. If McDonald did not announce that they was asking supplier to reduce the antibiotics, when customer got health issue concern, McDonald Company’s reputation will be affected. After McDonald announced it, public will have different view about McDonald, this will increase the McDonald Company’s reputation, and customer will have more confident about McDonald’s food. The main profit McDonald gain are from the customer. Customer today had already concern about their healthy issue, food is not only for full, but also for health concern. Once the customers today know that antibiotic will bring dangerous to their body health, most of the customer will choose not to buy the meat. Some more McDonald is fast food line, most of the food like burger, nugget, and etc, all are contain meat. If customer have no confident to the meat have antibiotic, and they will not buy any food with meat, this will bring a serious affect to McDonald. The reason that supplier use antibiotics to animals because they want to promote faster growth in many species of...
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