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With the rapid development of communication networks, it is expected that fourth generation mobile systems will be launched within decades. Fourth generation (4G) mobile systems focus on seamlessly integrating the existing wireless technologies including GSM, wireless LAN, and Bluetooth. This contrasts with third generation (3G), which merely focuses on developing new standards and hardware. 4G systems will support comprehensive and personalized services providing stable system performance and quality service. This paper gives the details about the need for mobile communication and its development in various generations. In addition, the details about the working of 4G mobile communication were given. Finally, it narrates how 4G mobile communication will bring a new level of connectivity and convenece in communication.


Communication is one of the important areas of electronics and always been a focus for exchange of information among parties at locations physically apart. There may be different mode of communication. The communication may be wired or wireless between two links. Initially the mobile communication was limited to between one pair of users on single channel pair. Mobile communication has undergone many generations. The first generation of the RF cellular used analog technology. The modulation was FM and the air interface was FDMA. Second generation was an offshoot of Personal Land Mobile Telephone System (PLMTS). It used Gaussian Shift Keying modulation (GMSK). All these systems had practically no technology in common and frequency bands, air interface protocol, data rates, number of channels and modulation techniques all were difficult. Dynamic Quality of Service (QoS) parameter was always on the top priority list. Higher transmission bandwidth and higher efficiency usage had to be targeted. On this background development of 3G mobile communication systems took place. In this Time Division Duplex (TDD) mode technology using 5MHz channels was used. This had no backward compatibility with any of the predecessors. But 3G appeared to be somewhat unstable technology due to lack of standardization, licensing procedures and terminal and service compatibility. Biggest single inhibitor of any new technology in mobile communication is the mobile terminal availability in the required quantity, with highest QoS and better battery life. The future of mobile communication is FAMOUS-FUTUERE Advanced Mobile Universal Systems, Wide-band TDMA, Wideband CDMA are some of the technologies. The data rates targeted are 20MBPS. That will be the 4G in the mobile communication. 4G must be hastened, as some of the video applications cannot be contained within 3G.


The communication industry is undergoing cost saving programs reflected by slowdown in the upgrade or overhaul of the infrastructure, while looking for new ways to provide third generation (3G) like services and features with the existing infrastructures. This has delayed the large-scale development of 3G networks, and given rise to talk of 4G technologies. Second generation (2G) mobile systems were very successful in the previous decade. Their success prompted the development of third generation (3G) mobile systems. While 2G systems such as GSM, andIS-95 etc. were designed to carry speech and low bit-rate data. 3G systems were...
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