4g Mobile Communication

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4G Communication system


Chapter 1: Introduction4
Aims and objective6
Structure of thesis6
History of Telecommunication system7
Benefits of 4G11
Business on the move:12
Chapter 2 About 4G13
User preference14
Acess schemes15
Mobile VOIP15
Quality of Service16
Challenges in migration of 4G17
Chapter 3: 4G Qos architecture18
A basic model for 4G21
Two plane functional decomposition22
Two modes of operation22
Chapter 4 IP Qos Architecture25
Qos in packet switched network:26
IP packet transfer delay26
Mean IP packet transfer delay26
IP Packet delay variation27
Opportunity in 4G30


In this thesis we are going to discuss in detail about the 4G fourth generation mobile communication standard. After the invention of 3G its successor is 4G. A 4G system gives some ultra broadband to the mobile users for example the internet usage on the mobile phone is far better in 4G than the internet modems connected to laptop in 3G. There are two standards that have been established in 4G they are mobile Wimax standard and long term evolution standard. The 4G technology is in U.S since 2008 by the mobile Wimax standards. Here in the thesis we are going to discuss in detail about the advent of 4G technologies and also its framework and the benefits of employing them and also its limitations. We will also compare the 4G with 3G and study about its shortcomings and also the various advancement that had been made in the 4G. We will also discuss about the benefits the 4G provides to its users both the mobile phones and also the laptops. We will discuss about the wireless network framework and we will study about the requirements that 4G systems requires from the network point of view, from the equipment point of view and the quality of service the 4G system provides to the customers and its uses in high end researches will also be taken into account.

In this thesis will be having the following structure first will be having the introduction about the technology and also the evolution about the technology. Then we will discuss about the 4G system in general and then we will discuss about the 4G Qos architecture, IP architecture, network architecture and the vision of 4G and its benefits in research areas and finally we will finish up with the limitations of 4G

Chapter 1: Introduction

4G is known as the successor of 3G. It is the next higher generation system in the wireless communication. There is no specific acronym for 4G it means fourth generation mobile system standard. The 4G system will provide some comprehensive communication of multimedia, voice, data over the IP. It also can be done simultaneously with high data rate. Thus 4G will allow the user to make video call, voice call, multimedia usage and text anywhere, anytime at higher speed than the previous generation. The main aim of the 4G is to make the entire system as IP based integrated mobile communication system. And also to provide the convergence between the wired and wireless communication system and it also aim in achieving the speed of 100Mbits/sec till 1Gbit/sec and it also aims at providing high definition data streaming on the system and all these services are provided at the affordable cost and hence the system is so available to all.

Fourth generation communication system according to the working standard they follow the same standards as that of 2G and 3G. In this generation we provide high speed connection s and the legacy users are able to connect with the legacy network such that to exploit the advantages of the new generation standard. Here the 4G provides high speed network connection and all the framework is IP packet based.

4G is aimed to develop the communication standard which is fully...
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