4g Is an Environmental Friendly Technology

Topics: 4G, Bit rate, WiMAX Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: May 30, 2013
4G is an environmental friendly technology
4G system is a platform to provide higher bandwidth, higher data transfer rate, user-friendly, innovative security application. According to its core technologies, the paper mainly analyses some aspects and describes some explanations on its environmental friendly characteristics.

Environmental friendly technology
Environmental friendly technology, also known as the "green technology", focuses on the new scientific and technical methods, which should be conducive to the Earth. A product or technology should be sustainable, conservation of natural resources, recycling, produce waste and pollution as little as possible, and do not hurt people, when it is considered environmental friendly. [1] 4G technology

There is no uniform or unique definition of 4G so far. A general explanation is that “Fourth Generation mobile technology ( 4G ) is a set of standards for providing broadband Internet access to devices like cellphones and tablets.”[2] 4G is a set of 3G and WLAN, be able to meet all the users’ requirements for wireless service. The principal difference between 4G technology and the previous standards, such as the 3G technology, is the data transfer speeds. The download speed of 4G systems can reach 100Mbps which is 2000 times faster than today's dial-up Internet, upload speed also can reach 20Mbps.[3] Up to 2011, only two official 4G mobile technologies was ordered: LTE-Advanced and WiMAX Release 2. Analysis of environmental friendly

4G is an environmental friendly technology because the unique characteristics of its some core technologies. * Higher data rates and recycling
The experts forecast “the speed transmission of wireless information of 4G can reach 10Mbps to 20Mbps, even the 100Mbps, which is equivalent to about 10,000 times the transmission speed of the phone”.[4] For example, download a 500M film only 2 minutes, a 5M high-quality songs less than one second! Saving time is also a...
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