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The 48 Laws of Power
byRobert Greene
Maurice Fischer

The 48 Laws of Power
Law 1
Never Outshine the Master
Make the people above you feel greater than you are, even if they are not. This makes sense in many cases but don’t apply to others. All people working for someone will see that this law will apply to them, the boss or in this case the “master” is on top. The person on the top, most likely, worked his or hers way up and does not want to be thrown from his or hers throne. It is in the human nature to get rid of threats if one has the power to do this. He may feign appreciation, but at his firs opportunity he will replace you with someone less intelligent, less attractive, less threatening. Do not let that happen Robert Greene talks about two key factors to not let this happen. First, you can inadvertently outshine by being yourself. There are masters who are more insecure than others, monstrously insecure; you may naturally outshine them by your charm and grace. If one outshines the master with just being, this will result in conflict, or more effort has to be put in the hiding of the charm and grace.

Second, never imagine that you can do what you want, because the master loves you, you can do anything you want. This is a well giving guidance, if one feels to close to their boss or “master” or he shows that he “loves” one, this will not enforce in free passes or more power. Especially in the US where the work code is very polite and everybody is most of the time appreciated, this might be misleading. One always must let the master appear as the sun around which every one revolves, radiating power and brilliance, the center of attention. If one will follow this law, one will see that this will not weaken one, rather lead to more power.

Law 2
Never put too Much Trust in Friends, Learn how to use Enemies Law number two is applying to make enemies or/and get closer to them. First I would define the differences in enemies, typically enemies do not want the best for the other party. On the other hands friends normally do. As R. Greene states: when you decide to hire a friend, you gradually discover the qualities he or she kept hidden. If you always meet friends in friendly surroundings and for social activities, it is nearly impossible to know how they would behave in a business or work environment. If you hire friends there is a big possibility that you will loose one. It is hard to distinguish between work life and friendship for most people. When your friend makes a deal with you, for example, where you might feel ripped off, but it was more or less acceptable, it will be hard to keep up the friendship in future. Therefore one must learn to distinguish between friendship and work. But if you hire an enemy this will not happen. There are no feelings for enemies, if he makes an error or tries to go behind your back, it will be easy to let go of them. You would also have the choice of hirer neither, not a friend or an enemy. They will behave like a friend but wont to prove you like an enemy. Also you never will expect much from enemies, and see them in a bad light to start with, this will give them more room to grow and surprise you in a good way. Friends, you see as good and positive people, people you like and love, they do not have a big room of growth as your enemies. Friends will only give you the satisfaction you need to a certain point, until they will disappoint you or show their unknown side. But I think many people are hard working and keen to prove that they are better than one might think possible. The key to power is the ability to judge who is best able to further your interest in all situations. In the end you are the one reaching for power, the main goal is to pursuit your interests and look for the best possible outcome possible. Keep friends for friendship, but work with the skilled and competent.

Law 3
Conceal your Intentions
This Law seems to be catching upon...
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