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ndia women's national football team
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Association| All India Football Federation|
Confederation| Asian Football Confederation (Asia)|
Head coach|  Mohammad Shahid Jabbar|
Asst coach|  Surmala Chanu|
Captain| Oinam Bembem Devi|
Top scorer| Oinam Bembem Devi|
FIFA code| IND|
FIFA ranking| 52[1] |
Highest FIFA ranking| 50 (March 2009)|
Lowest FIFA ranking| 100 (September 2009)|
First colours| Second colours|
First international|
 India 5–0 Singapore 
Hong Kong; 7 June 1981)|
Biggest win|
 India 18–0 Bhutan 
(Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh; 13 December 2010)|
Biggest defeat|
 China PR 16–0 India 
(Bangkok, Thailand; 11 December 1998)|
World Cup|
Appearances| 0|
AFC Women's Asian Cup|
Appearances| 9 (First in 1979)|
Best result| Runners-up (1979, 1983)|
The India women's national football team is controlled by the All India Football Federation and represents India in women's international football competitions. The women's football scene didn't have the same chance to spread as the men's game did, and thus the team struggles to keep up with more talented international squads such as Chinaand Japan. However, India is beginning to recover from this jump-start, and is growing stronger with each year. The women's team will return to the field on September 7th, 2012 from nearly a year long hiatus. They were re-established on November 2009 for a 2-month training camp.[2] Contents  [hide]  * 1 History * 1.1 The brand new start for Indian Women's football * 2 Schedule and results * 3 Team officials and coaching staff * 4 Current squad * 5 Records * 5.1 Most capped players * 5.2 Top scorers * 6 Head coaches * 7 World Cup record * 8 AFC Women's Asian Cup record * 9 South Asian Games record * 10 See also * 11 References * 12 External links| -------------------------------------------------

When India became affiliated with FIFA in 1948, the team was formed. Since then, India has showed strong performances in the AFC Asian Cup and in World Cup qualifiers. Although the team has never qualified for a World Cup, this may partially be due to such strong teams as China and Japan sharing a qualifying bracket with them. [edit]The brand new start for Indian Women's football

In March 2011 India Women began a brand new chapter that would see them improve.[3]They participated in the qualifiers for the 2012 Olympics in March 2011. In their first match they beat rivals and group hosts Bangladesh 3–0. Then in the second round India Women played Uzbekistan where they tied the first match 1–1 but lost the second leg 1–5 and were officially knocked out. -------------------------------------------------

[edit]Schedule and results
Date| Venue| Opponent| Competition| Result| Indian scorers| 18 March 2011| Bangabandhu National Stadium,Dhaka,
 Bangladesh|  Bangladesh| 2012 Olympics Qualifiers| 3–0 W| Oinam Bembem Devi  63'  69'  90'| 22 March 2011| Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka,
 Bangladesh|  Uzbekistan| 2012 Olympic Qualifiers| 1–1 D| Oinam Bembem Devi  45'| 25 March 2011| Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka,
 Bangladesh|  Uzbekistan| 2012 Olympic Qualifiers| 1–5 L| Oinam Bembem Devi  41'| 17 September 2011| Al Ahli Stadium,Manama,
 Bahrain|  Bahrain| Friendly| 2–1 W| Sasmita Malik  3'  35'| 20 September 2011| Al Ahli Stadium, Manama,
 Bahrain|  Bahrain| Friendly| 0–2 L| |
23 September 2011| Al Ahli Stadium, Manama,
 Bahrain|  Bahrain| Friendly| 3–1 W| Kamala Devi  25' Pinky Bompal Magar  28'Parmashori Devi  42'| | 7 September 2012| CR & FC Grounds, Colombo,
 Sri Lanka|  Bangladesh| 2012 SAFF Cup| 3-0 W| Kamala Devi  64' Bembem  76'
Alochona Senapati  89'| |
9 September 2012| CR & FC Grounds, Colombo,
 Sri Lanka|...
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