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Do the work in the respective subject notebooks or as per the instructions given. Revise the work done in the class.


1. To paraphrase a poem is to express what is said or written in the poem in a prose form. This is done in order to make the poem easy to understand and simplify someone else’s spoken or written words. Write a sonnet (14 lines poem) and paraphrase it. These tips will help you paraphrase a poem. a. Replace words from the poem with synonyms [similar meaning words]. b. Change the voice [active/passive] in the lines of the poem. 2. (any 5) (any 4)

a. Imagine that you are on a ‘Time Machine’. Where would you go, what would you do and whom would you talk to? Write your experience in about 120-140 words. Highlight with colour pencils all the determiners that you use. b. Our younger generation is blindly imitating the west. As a result there is often a tussle between adolescents and parents. The idealism of the aged and the realism of the youth lead to conflict. Write an article suggesting ways to bridge this ever widening ‘Generation Gap’.

3. a. Write a letter to your friend abroad and tell her about the climate of your country. Tell him /her which is your favourite season and why? Also invite him/ her to visit India. b. Hunting is no longer a manly, heroic sport. It is considered to be a cruel act because there is hardly anything brave about killing defenseless, speechless animals. As a member of the Eco- club of your school, write a speech on the topic ‘Ban All Hunting and Poaching, Let Animals Live’. 4. Read lessons 2 & 3 of the novel – ‘Goodbye Mr Chipps’ and write about any character which impressed you the most.

1. Attempt ‘Try These’ questions given in your text Book of Ch- 1 Rational Numbers, Ch – 2 Linear Equations and Ch-3 Understanding Quadrilaterals in your notebook. 2. Do worksheets 5 to 8 of Ch-2 in Mental Maths Book. 3....
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