4 Ps on Kiehls Product

Topics: Marketing, Human skin color, Skin Pages: 7 (1506 words) Published: February 28, 2013
7. Marketing Strategy

|Marketing Mix |Biotherm |Kiehl’s | |Product |Innovation is how individual and group perceived |Kiehl’s had differentiated itself from the | | |changes made prior to a particular product. |rest of men’s facial care by their nature | | |The product positioning of the chosen product is based |extracts such as lemon extracts and choice of | | |on the product’s effectiveness o the individuals and |ingredients in the facial care. Similarly, | | |groups. Nonetheless, the branding itself had created |Kiehl’s is experiencing the same innovation | | |fashionable image to the public. The product chosen had|category as Biotherm when modest change are | | |been categorised as dynamically innovation whereby |needed for product enhacement. | | |modest changes are required. This is so especially in | | | |cosmetic industry as all the brands are constantly |Branding: Kiehl’s around has been around | | |improving on their existing products so as to |since 1851, this new york brand has been a | | |distinguish themselves from the rest of the |household name to americans since their first | | |competitors. Thus, it explains the need for innovation |store in new york. They have been brand as a | | |on products. |lifestyle brand, not just mainstream. The | | | |attraction of Keihl’s has always been very | | |Branding: Biotherm Homme has established a reputable |visual, and not much advertising has been | | |brand name as it is vocalized and easy to pronounce, |done. Emphasis has been done to the discovery | | |recognize and remember, distinctive as there are no |and overall store experience. | | |brand with similar name, has already been an | | | |internationally recognised brand translated into many |Actual Product: Kiehl’s men. It uses natural | | |different foreign languages and is legally registered |ingredients and the formula in each of the | | |and protected. |bottle is to ensure a high quality of skin and| | |Actual Product: Biotherm Homme quality level. Biotherm |hair care. Kiehl’s has sourced proven and | | |Homme uses ‘Pure Thermal Plankton’ cultivated as a |effective botanical extracts and are committed| | |micro-organism providing skincare benefits in all their|to choosing ingredients that are selected for | | |products. Its brand features extensive skin care |their true benefits to the skin and hair. | | |products catering to all skin types. | | | |Packaging: aligns to the marketing norms, building on |Packaging: They use simple, efficient and | | |a black and white background, bringing out and |recyclable packaging so that they can | | |attracting attention to the coloured product creating |concentrate their efforts and costs on the | | |instant recognition. Recyclable. |substance and quality...
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