4 Paragraph Essay on Woodrow Wilson

Topics: Woodrow Wilson, John J. Pershing, President of the United States Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Woodrow Wilson

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Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United Sates and made a very important impact in both U.S and World History. People voted for him because he seemed like a good president but most important he promised to keep the U.S out of war. In the beginning of his presidency he kept his promise to keep us out of war. When Wilson ran again for his second term his new campaign slogan was “He Kept Us Out Of War”. In the year 1916 Wilson was re-elected and began his second term smoothly. On April 6th 1917 Wilson broke his promise and the U.S entered WW1 declaring war on Germany for sinking a U.S merchant ship killing 128 Americans. This was a very disturbing and disrespectful act towards the U.S.

Woodrow Wilson promised the people of America that he would keep peoples sons out of war and that they would always be safe. He said that the U.S would remain neutral through all war related events throughout the time of his presidency. On April 6th 1917 the U.S entered war and was on the side of the allies Great Britain, France and Russia. The U.S entered the war on French territory with more than 2 million soldiers fighting on the battlefield. All soldiers were under the command of Major General John J. Pershing. More than 6 million people died in this war and more than 2 million innocent citizens died outside of the war. This was a very horrible time period for most of the world.

When the U.S was still neutral peoples households were more complete with their son’s home. People were relieved to see their sons coming home every day with no worries. People knew that their son would come home safe and not come home badly wounded, traumatized or not even return at all. They also wouldn’t have to worry about losing their homes during a raid or big explosion. But when the U.S got into WW1 all of this changed dramatically. People got letters sent home about a...
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