4. Housing

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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4. Housing 4. Housing

1. Compare the way of living in Slovakia with UK or USA. 2. Talk about problems of young families (renting, buying/ selling house or flat and moving, sharing). 3. Problems in blocks of flats (neighbours, privacy, bills, environment).

Living in Slovakia, Great Britain and the USA is quite different /celkom odlišné/. In Slovakia people usually live in a house or in a block of flats. People usually own /vlastnia/ houses in villages and most block of flats are situated /nachádzajú sa/ in towns and cities. Houses are usually big and they have a garden. Most of the young people in Slovakia live with their parents because it is too expensive for them to buy your own house or flat. They usually leave home /odídu z domu/ and buy a house/flat when they get married. But sometimes more generations live in the same house – parents, children and grandchildren /vnúčatá/.  In Great Britain people usually live in terraced houses /radovka, radová výstavba/ - they are joined together /spojené spolu/ with other houses, semi-detached houses – two houses are joined together with one wall or detached houses – they are not joined with another house. Houses in Britain usually have a small garden or a paved yard /vydláždený dvor, nádvorie/. In London  you can often see old Victorian houses. Block of flats are not very common /bežný/ in Great Britain. Young people in Britain leave home /odchádzajú z domu/ much sooner than young people in Slovakia. The USA: The living conditions /životné podmienky/ in the USA depend on /závisia od toho/ how much money you have. Rich people have big houses with many rooms, tennis courts and swimming pools but many poor /chudobní/ people are homeless. The standard of living is generally very high in the USA. In cities people live in flats /or apartments/ situated in large apartment buildings. Some people live in houses which have a big garden. Most of American people don’t stay in one house or apartment for their...
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