4 Generation in Telecommunication

Topics: WiMAX, 3GPP Long Term Evolution, 4G Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: May 30, 2013


4G is the fourth generation of mobile phone mobile communication technology standards. It is a successor of the third generation (3G) standards. A 4G system provides mobile ultra-broadband Internet access, for example to laptops with USB, wireless modems, to smart phones, and to other mobile devices. Conceivable applications include amended mobile web access, IP telephony, gaming services, high-definition mobile TV, video conferencing, 3D television and Cloud Computing. The term "generation" used to name successive evolutions of radio networks in general is arbitrary. There are several interpretations of it, and no official definition has been made despite the large consensus behind ITU-R's labels, according operators, a generation of network refers to the deployment of a new non-backward-compatible technology. This usually corresponds to a huge investment with its own depreciation period, marketing strategy , and deployment phases. It can even be different among operators. From the end user's point of view, only performance and cost makes sense. It is expected that the next generation of network performs better and cheaper than the previous generation, which is not that simple to state. Indeed, while a new generation of network arrives, the previous one can keep evolving to a point where it outperforms the first version of the new generation.

The existence of 4G Networks in today’s technology-driven society is important indicators of advancement and change. 4G, or Fourth Generation networks, are designed to facilitate improved wireless capabilities, network speeds, and visual technologies. It is anticipated that as these networks continue to thrive, the demand for advanced related technologies will also grow, thereby creating new alternatives for savvy technology users to exceed their desired expectations. The...
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