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Foundation Certificate in HR Practice

Assessment Title

Developing yourself as an
Effective Human Resources practitioner


This report will demonstrate my understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviour required to be an effective HR practitioner, knowing how to deliver timely and effective HR services to meet users needs. Reflecting on my own practice and development needs and maintaining a plan for my own personal development.

The HR Profession Map
Launched in 2009 by the CIPD, the HR Profession Map clearly describes the activity, behavioural competencies and knowledge required and activities expected to be carried out by all of HR professionals at the different stages of their careers. It provides a valuable tool to aid in personal development for the HR Professional plus provides confidence and security to the organisation.

The map highlights 10 professional areas which 2 are core areas, 8 are specialist areas all at four different levels of competence, and the eight key behaviours.

All areas of HR are governed and come back to core competencies set out in the two professional areas “Insights, Strategy and Solutions and Leading HR.”CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF PERSONNEL AND DEVELOPMENT (2012) Available at: http://www.cipd.co.uk/cipd-hr-profession/hr-profession-map. [Accessed 10 October 2002]. Without the fundamental understanding of these, a HR professional cannot work to proper levels and provide a total solution to internal and external stakeholders, or provide solutions, guidance and recommendations at all business levels.

The HR Profession Map sets out the following behaviours:
“Decisive thinker, Skilled influencer ,Personally credible, Collaborative, Driven to deliver , Courage and challenge Role model and Curious” (CIPD)These are all proven behaviour characteristics required to be an effective Hr Professional.

The HR Profession Map identifies eight main areas of work:

“Service delivery and information. Organisation design.
Organisation development. Resourcing and talent planning. Learning and talent development. Performance and reward. Employee engagement. Employee relations.” (CIPD).These professional competence areas are recognised in all organisations, no matter how big or small and the industry in which they operate.

The 4 Bands

Each professional area is divided into 4 bands, effectively levels of where the HR professional is currently situated in his or her career. It divines the knowledge you need to know to carry out your role as an effective HR professional and the activities you need to deliver to support your knowledge. The bands are extremely useful and need to be referred to often to aid your professional development and movements between the bands to your desired level of HR career.

Band 1: can be categorized as entry level, i.e. Hr administrators/ assistant will use this band as guidelines as they will often provide support to the HR department, Band 2: would be primarily used by HR advisors who are experienced and competent enough to advise senior managers on hr issues, policies within the organization. Band 3 is for HR Business partners/ consultants, who facilitate discussion with senior managers to identify situations or problems. Band 4 is suited to Hr Mangers/Directors who are responsible and accountable for leading the HR function and providing and delivering the HR strategy throughout the organization.

Employee Relations

Reporting to the Board of Directors, I am solely responsible for the HR function within my company. I would position myself strongly in band 2 and have limited experience in Bands 3and 4 in the Employee Relations Professional areas. This is the area I identify and have the most experience in, as it’s my responsibility to ensure the relationship between the staff and the organization is balanced by the personal needs of the staff and the organization...
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