4 Day School Week

Topics: Education, Distraction, Nutrition Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Dear Administrator,
Imagine a classroom filled with students who are all eating their favorite foods. There are candy wrappers and potato chip bags littering the desks and the floor. The teacher starts the lesson by introducing the students to nouns. But suddenly, three or four students rip open their snack bar wrappers and the noise completely covers up what the teacher is trying to say. In a corner of the classroom, another student accidentally steps on a pile of spilled Cheetos, making a very disruptive crunching sound. When the room is finally quiet and the teacher begins his lesson, nobody is paying attention to him because they are all too engaged in what they are eating. That is a very common scenario if kids are allowed to eat in class.             Some people these days think students should be allowed to eat during class. They believe food helps kids focus and perform better in school. Students may not have eaten before school and the feeling of emptiness and constant grumbling inside their stomachs will distract them from the lesson. On the other hand, our schools allow five-minute breaks in between periods and a lunch break to enable students to sneak a quick snack in so they can restart their brain for the next class. Schools have already made many outrageous exceptions, and letting students eat in class is going absolutely overboard.             Some say that eating in class makes the environment more interesting. It adds one more thing to do on the list during class. Instead of staring at the teacher’s face for the whole lesson, which could be boring, people believe students will benefit from eating while listening to the teacher at the same time. The truth is, however, that the teacher might not know if the eating student is paying attention to his lesson or not. For the teacher to determine this, one of the obvious clues to look is eye contact. Letting students eat during class makes it nearly impossible to tell if a student is listening...
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