4.1 Signs and Symptoms Which May Indicate That a Child or a Young Person Is Injured or Unwell

SIGNS are observable changes associated with illness and diseases SYMPTOMS are such as feeling sick or having headache

Most of the children will be able to tell when they fell not well. They will say they feel sick or have a pain. They will pull their ears or hold to their tummies if they have an infection or the pain. It is more difficult with babies who are not able to tell if they unwell. Therefore It is important to recognize that and act immediately. Everyone who work with children should passed the first aid course. The babies who are unwell might behave in a different than usual way, being less active than normal, don’t want to play and often cry and don’t respond to the usual way they are comforted. They may refuse to eat and have a fever which might be a sign of an infection. The child might look different on their face, look pale, vomiting or having a red cheeks when the fever starts. Common signs of babies illness are:

Fever; the baby will feet hot to the touch, babies with dark skin will look pale with eyes without sparkle, very high temperature might lead to child having convulsion. •Loss of appetite; child refuse to eat or eat very little •Diarrhoea; child do watery, green stools, become easily dehydrated loosing body salts •Vomiting; child can vomit persistent or projectile(far ahead from the feet) •Constant crying; child cries differently and cannot be comforted in any way •Floppiness; child is showing lack of energy and lack of usual movements, his body seems to be floppy when picked up •Dry nappies; child doesn’t pass the urine, this may be a symptom of dehydration •Anterior fontanelle; it’s a cause of dehydration after diarrhoea. The anterior fontanelle is a 5cm soft spot on the forehead which becomes more visible if the child is dehydrated. •Seizures; the child goes stiff, eyes roll up, skin and lips change their colour to blue, the child will not be responding. •Breathing difficulties; the child will have a noisy cough or...
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