3rd Year Nursing Asignment

Topics: Common law, Law, Constitution Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: February 23, 2012


Social Sciences III- Law Assignments

Bachelor of Nursing (General and Psychiatric) &
Bachelor of Midwifery Science

Aisling de Paor

Length – 1,500- 2,000
Due Date – 8th April 2011

*Assignments must be typed and writing must be double spaced.

Write an essay on one of the following:


1. The right to Consent to Treatment is fundamental in the area of health care. Discuss this statement in relation to the incapacitated adult or children.

2. Discuss the issue of Euthanasia in Ireland, with particular reference to the Constitution and the various legal and ethical issues arising.

3. Abortion continues to be a controversial issue in Irish law. Discuss with reference to relevant case law and the Constitution.

Assignments will be marked on the following criteria:

- Ability to identify legal issues and cases that are relevant - Ability to apply these to practical situations and makes links between law and nursing - Assignment presentation - introducing the area of law, outlining the relevant legal principles and using case law in support of your discussion - Ability to summarise key factors

Some pointers!
❑ Open your essay with a short, clear statement about the topic on which you are writing – for example, ‘Certain aspects of reproduction, such as contraception and abortion, have been the subject of much debate in Ireland, particularly from a legal perspective.’ It can also be a good idea to open your essay with an important quotation, for example – a quote from a judge in a particularly important case on the area or from a text on reading list ❑ Deal with definitions early!

❑ Identify relevant law – for example, “In the area of mental health law, the principal piece of legislation is the Mental Health Act 2001” ❑ Identify relevant case law - facts of cases are relevant however do not dwell on these as they are already known to the...
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