3rd Year High School

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  • Published : February 2, 2011
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Third year life is a challenging stage for me. It all started in the first day of school where I feel so uneasy. I felt like I am a new student of a certain school. It’s like my classmates were also new to me because some of them really changed. I felt like I don’t belong with them at all. I felt like I am in first year again. I thought my teacher is so horrible that when I am in front of her, I tremble. But, I was wrong, she is not so horrible like I thought, but she was really cute especially when she smiles or laugh.

I am so grateful that some of my classmates didn’t change. I thought it was hard to ride with my new classmates because they are my seatmates now but in them, I found new real friends. But new teachers was hard for me to take, and by that, I miss my 2nd year teachers. But as the time goes by, I knew their characteristics and I learned to ride up with their lessons and soon make up with them and found that they are great teachers as well as great friends.

More challenges where on my path when there were lots of requirements required and my parents sometimes can’t understand me because of new things in 3rd year unlike 2nd year. And everyday, I am so busy even in our house because my parents can’t find a storekeeper and I am responsible enough to take the responsibility since my parents are always out because of the business.

I thank these challenges in 3rd year because there was a change in me and these helped me for my future success.
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