3P Model in Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Service system Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: April 16, 2012
1 Introduction
Marketing has come from the Mass Production and into a Mass Customization field, in which market used to be promoted by supply-push, and now, by demand-pull, while in competitions product quality goes balanced with each other but services in corporations and firms weight more increasingly, showing that the service factors relevant to customers decides marketing direction, marketing process and even sometimes marketing strategy. Failure to satisfy customers, especially on their service perception not only means a loss of contemporary market but also future space. So far we can say what kind of service should be and how the kind of service goes influence development of most firms. More important as services are relational to almost each sector in business, managing from a service perspective benefits including relational approaches and customer management. Many cases witness the goodness of relationship from services form a strong base of long-term and successful development between firms and customers, but on the other hand, it’s true that customers do not always want to participate in some relations with firms. Nevertheless, relationship from services is always there for a further progress whenever both sides consider it appropriate. Meanwhile, demand diversification leads to division of labor on specification, which means, in service business, service diversified with personal needs is a main stream so that service contents split into small professions but the whole business goes larger.

2 Related Factors and Performance Model in Customer Service
Usually a service is doing action for someone or something. More often, it’s intangible, while a product is tangible for we can touch it or own it indeed. But a service is an experience process at the point where purchasing and consuming happens simultaneously so that the service perishes quickly. A man may go to a café and have an enjoyable experience, but next day when he returns for another...
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