3m Organizational Analysis

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Organizational Analysis Paper

3M Intro
3M is a Maplewood, Minnesota based company. Previously it was named Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing. 3M is an international science based company that develops new technologies to solve real world problems encountered by people and businesses every day. This Fortune 500 Company employs more than 80,000 employees in 28 states and 65 countries with the majority of the employees outside the United States of America. 3M is broken down into 6 business divisions: Consumer and Office, Display and Graphics, Electro and Communications, Health Care, Industrial and Transportation, and Safety, Security and Protection. These six divisions produce some 55,000 different products to solve problems ranging from modern day adhesives used to bond body panels on vehicles to nanotechnology in medical applications. This modern day science lab is one of the most successful manufacturing companies ever. 3M believes that the best way to grow and develop a business is to reinvest in itself, develop emerging business ideas, acquire businesses in fast growing industries, and believe in their employee’s decisions, dreams and ideas. 3M Motivation and Rewards

3M prides itself on its ability to motivate by empowering people to be a more knowledgeable employee and citizen. By empowering employees to take leadership classes and keep learning a priority within their careers at 3M, this inspires a culture that accepts and motivates everyone to be at their best. 3M is an organization that is considered ahead of the rest when it comes to rewarding employees. 3M considers extrinsic rewards, on an individual level, a distraction to their employees and likes to focus more on intrinsic rewards such as peer recognition to motivate their employees, which in turn promotes group interaction. “3M wants to avoid employees hoarding new ideas and failing to collaborate.” (Leavitt 2002) 3M employees share ideas for peer recognition, this recognition includes the Technical Circle of Excellence award in which innovators, selected by coworkers, receive a trip to the company retreat in Minnesota. For technical promotions, the ability of somebody to work with others inside and outside their laboratory is very much a part of the promotion criteria, especially at the higher levels. "In addition to peer recognition, 3M celebrates success stories and propagates tales of innovation and contribution. The stories about great inventors, such as Art Fry, become legends at 3M." (Leavitt 2002) In addition to 3M’s beliefs on intrinsic rewards through peer recognition, upper management likes to stress the importance of positive reinforcement by allowing their employees 15% of their time to work on a project that they think will benefit the company, a project that is of importance to the employee that they can feel good about working on and share with others. “3M has a culture that encourages innovation and creative thinking. All technical employees are tasked with spending 15% of their time on projects of their own choosing and initiative. The company fosters these ideas through regular New Product Forums and makes funding available for employee projects through Genesis Grants.” (EERE 2010) Employees working on a project that could benefit the company can be considered an intrinsic reward to them as it is a self-granted positive stimulus. Another reward system that 3M stands by is their dual ladder career path approach for their employees. 3M will allow a technical person to be promoted to the vice-president level without ever taking on administrative or managerial responsibilities. This dual ladder approach to promotion gives the employees the sense of belonging and that they have the ability to move up the ladder without having all the experience that a typical vice-president would have. The belief and knowledge that their ideas matters, motivates an employee and makes them happier and feel better about their role and position within...
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