3m Optical Systems: Managing

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3M Optical Systems: Managing
Corporate Entrepreneurship
I. Point of View
The case was analyzed from the point of view of the manager, Mr. Andy Wong. II. Objectives
* To offer new sets of products to the market.
* To seek for a particular channel that would support the organization in project implementation. * To develop projects in order to increase sales. III. The Problem
How should the management develop its products considering the market status of the company? IV. Areas of Consideration
* In 1979, the Optical Systems business unit was created to exploit light control film. * In 1992 3M had evolved into a highly diversified global company whose $14 billion sales were generated by a portfolio of thousands of products managed by the company’s 47 divisions and sold through its organizations in 57 countries worldwide. * By early 1900s, 3M had developed a pool of over100 technologies, extending from its roots in abrasives, adhesives and coating process to specialized high-tech expertise in areas as diverse as micro-interconnection, digital imaging and transdermal drug delivery. * Despite two previous market failures, his team assured that the totally redesigned products would now be succeed. * Optical Systems had been losing money since its formation as a business unit in 1979.

V. Alternative Courses of Actions
1. Product introduction to the market with new sets of innovations.
* Sales increases.
* Previous negative credits of the company will slowly diminish. * The company can get the market effectively.
* It is costly.
* Not all prospect consumers will respond to the product introduction in the market.

2. Create products that can be positioned in the market defensively.
* One step ahead from the competitors.
* There is sense of...
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