3d Glases

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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3D glasses

The simplest VR systems use only a monitor to present the scene to the user. However, the “window onto a world” paradigm can be enhanced by adding a stereo view by use of LCD shutter glasses. LCD shutter glasses support a three-dimensional view using sequential stereo: with high frequency they close and open eye views in turn, when the proper images are presented on the monitor. An alternative solution uses a projection screen instead of a CRT monitor. In this case polarization of light is possible and cheap polarization glasses can be used to extract proper images for each of the eyes. A head movement tracking can be added to support the user with motion parallax depth cue and increase the realism of the presented images. It is a kind of glasses made of LC Shutter Glasses. They are different from the glasses which are made of polarizer and the anaglyph glasses which are made of red and blue color filter. Generally, they can only work for CRT Display, i.e. CRT Monitor, CRT Projector and TV. According to different applications, it can be used on education, entertainment, presentation, scientific research ...etc. All of Eye3D LC Shutter Glasses are developed as a versatile PC 3D/VR system, especially for those who need to implement stereo 3D images which are formed in "Interlaced", "Page-Flipping" and "Above/Below". For hardware itself, it is a device of VGA card independent. So, it can be widely used on most PC 3D/VR applications.

As well as 3D glasses having a huge presence in the sporting world it is expected that more and more computer games will have the technology to play the game in 3D from shoot-em-up games to flight simulators. 3D glasses and use of 3D has been around for over 30 years but only recently has the public starting watching films in 3D and playing computer games in 3D. Whereas before the technology for 3D was limited and the quality for the average user was on the brink of being very poor making the overall experience...
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