33 Chilean Miners Trapped

Topics: Chile, Posttraumatic stress disorder, Mining Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: April 28, 2013
33 Chilean Miners Trapped
Anita Stevenson
Carrie Miranda

33 Trapped Chilean Miners Trapped

On August 5, 2010, San Jose Mines collapsed trapping 33 Chilean miners 2,300 feet underground, owend by Minera San Estaban Primera. The devastating mishap has been accessed and officials have stated the 33 trapped miners will not be rescued until after Chile’s Independence day celebration, Fiestas Patrias held on September 18 a mere 13 days after the collapse, but hopefully before Christmas. San Jose Mines wants to ensure family, friends, and fellow co-workers, although apprehensive about the rescue San Jose Mines will continue to exploid as many resoures needed in the safe return of the 33 trapped miners. San Jose Mines has been able to bore holes to the trapped miners with a camera attached showing the 33 trapped miners are in good health and all are alive, while held hostage by the earth. Milk enriched with calories and protein and depression medication for the miners who are in need. There is visual edvidence the trapped miners are trying to stay fit, by exceriseing. Officals have asked the 33 trapped miners to refrain from bulking up. The men need to be at least 35 inches around the waist to make it out the tunnel once retrived. San Jose Mines has confirmed the 33 trapped miners will receive sick pay for prolonged post- traumatic stress syndrome and family members of the trapped 33 can phone the office of San Jose Mines to retrieve the trapped miners pay to maintain household bills and food. San Jose Mines has also enlisted counslers for family members of the trapped miners, counsolrs can reached by calling the local office of San Jose Mines. Visual capabilities and a modified phone, the 33 trapped miners sung the Chilean National anthem and communicated their condition. With the modified phone San Jose Mines owner Minera San Esteban Primera along with counslers have continuously communicated with the trapped, reasuancre and...
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