"324" Analysis

Topics: Christianity, 19th century, Allusion Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: April 17, 2013
“324” Analysis
Dickinson expresses an unorthodox attitude and beliefs toward the conventional theory of “Church”. Through rhythm, tone, and imagery, Dickinson shows a strong certainty that her approach to church is better than the conventional approach. Her beliefs reflect more a modern take on religion that was strongly resented in the 19th century and even today among more strict sects of Christianity, yet this approach seems almost laughable in its almost anti-Christian methods, and in a way, ironically denounces its own principles.

Dickinson’s continued allusions to birds, flying, and nature paints a positive image in the readers mind that drastically differs from the publics’ opinion at the time. The first time that Dickinson shows the birds in the third line. The “Bobolink” is songbird, which chimes happy tunes. The bird is singing, what in Dickinson’s mind is, church songs. A majority of the time, church songs are about the love of God, the rising of Jesus, or something along those lines. This immediately expresses positive feelings toward the entire process of not fulfilling religious requirements in an orthodox manor. Only a few short lines later, she alludes again to flying with her comment of “Wings”. This bird and flying allusion possibly is her attempt to express the rising to heaven that she touches on later in the poem. This central theme of Christianity of rising to heaven, or sinking to hell in some cases, is taken rather lightly. While addressed she does not seem to deal with the possibility of her lack of religious resolve resulting in the loss of her spot in heaven. This either obliviousness to reality, or her lack of concern allows the reader to focus on the positives again rather than the stringent rules that dominated New England religion in the 19th century. Another allusion to nature is what she considers to be her church, the orchard. She calls her orchard her “Dome”, referring to the domes of the great gothic Cathedrals littered...
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