3000 Bc Migration

Topics: Roman Empire, Bantu languages, Western Roman Empire Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Bantu Migration

The Bantu migration occurred as early as 3000 BCE and it provided the basis for most of the African languages and it spread iron-working and agriculture in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa. The significance of the Bantu migration is that it basically formed Africa to what it is today. The spread of new technologies and the Bantus’ culture, made most of the African languages descending from Bantu origins. The result of the Bantu migration overall was the spread of new techniques and culture. The culture resulted in new language groups and new types of people. Bantu is more of a language than a group of people because it describes who they are. Many of the African languages are based from the Bantu language group such as Swahili. There wasn’t too much warfare, so more people joined the Bantu migration. There were not any specific people who started the migration, but more of a group because the Bantu migration happened slowly and over hundreds, thousands of years. The effect that the migration had on the resources was both negative and positive. The positive aspect of them on the resources was that they learned how to cultivate crops and introduced new ones such as yams. The negative effects were that the Bantu used up the resources of other tribes, which may have contributed to possibly famines and wars because of lack of food. There were other migrations such as the Hun, Germanic, and Indo-Aryan migrations. The Huns successfully invaded China during their migration. The Huns controlled Eastern Europe from the Baltic Sea to the Danube River. After the death of Attila the Huns were no longer much of a threat to Europe. Eventually the Huns and Magyars came together to form the country of Hungary and if the Huns didn’t exist, the Roman Empire may not have fallen. The Western Roman Empire lost military strength and political cohesion, numerous Germanic peoples, began migrating in far and diverse directions. They intruded into other...
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