300 Weapons and Strategies

Topics: Battle of Thermopylae, Sparta, The 300 Spartans Pages: 4 (1289 words) Published: October 9, 2012
300’s military weapons and strategy
The movie 300 is an action movie that takes place in 480 B.C near Greece. It is about the famous Battle of Thermopylae that mainly involved both the Persians and the Spartans. The Persian army, led by a king named Xerxes, is in the process of taking over several Hellenic states in Greece. When Xerxes arrives at Sparta to strike a deal with King Leonidas (Spartan Army Leader) that he will have power over all of Greece if he will bow down to King Xerxes, Leonidas responds with retaliation against the Persians. King Leonidas assembles 300 of his toughest Spartan soldiers to take on the Persian army at the passage way of Thermopylae. Although severely outnumbered against Persia’s hundreds of thousands of men, King Leonidas and the Spartans hold off thousands of Persians from entering the passage for a few days. “ Persian King Xerxes lead a Army of well over 100,000”.(IMBD) With Leonidas in battle, back at Sparta, Queen Gorgo( Queen of Sparta)desperately tries to persuade council to send more back up to Thermopylae to help King Leonidas. Unfortunately, the Spartans were betrayed by a recently rejected Spartan tryout named Ephialtes, who decides to pay back King Leonidas for his rejection. Ephialtes ultimately destroyed any chances of Sparta defeating Persia by informing Xerxes about an unknown secret Goat Passage that would lead Persia to the backs of the Spartan soldiers. Xerxes and the Persian army soon defeat Sparta but all in good name. Due to the motivation and courage of the 300 soldiers, they inspired all of Greece to go against Persia and fight.

Part 2
After watching the movie, it is clear that most of the war tactics and strategies are very accurate to the actual real life battle that we knew. According to 300 Spartans, “ This unit was produced of 300 Spartiati Warriors who were held in their highest esteem by their fellow citizens in Sparta”.(300 Spartans) So due to Sparta’s vastly outnumbered army size, military...
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