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30 Verbos En Ingles

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My trip to Miami.

For "Semana Santa" (Holy Week) I went to Miami with my boyfriend and spent a few days there. After a 10 hour flight, we arrived in Florida. The first thing I did was going to the beach. With a hot sun and a cool ocean, I have to say that the day could not have been better. While I was lying in the sand, I enjoyed fruit drinks and even ate lunch right there. On the second day, I visited some of the famous places, like the amazing malls and the beautiful national parks that Miami has. I even bought some gifts for my family in one of these shopping centers. The one thing that caught my attention was a memorial site for the millions of Jewish people who died during World War II. At night, we decided to take it easy and just stayed home and relaxed while we watched a movie. On the third day, we got on the highway and drove up to Orlando. We went to Disney World and saw Mickey Mouse and all the characters that I remembered watching on TV when I was little. After that, we went to a restaurant where I tried Japanese food for the first time in my life. It tasted delicious! We checked into a hotel and slept there for the night. The next day we visited other parks and I even won a teddy bear at a game we played in Universal Studios. We returned to Miami after that, in the evening. My boyfriend found out that there was a soccer game the next day, so we went to the stadium. The local team beat another team from New York, so it was very exciting. At night we went to a club and just danced all night, having a good time. The next day I flew back to Mexico. I felt very tired, but at the end, I liked Miami very much and I would go back anytime.

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