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Tactical Field Care


Number| Title| Date| Additional Information|
IS0871| Combat Lifesaver Course| | |
4-25.11| First Aid| | |

Slide # Motivator

Slide # Tactical Field Care      

Method of Instruction:  Conference    
Instructor to student ratio is: 1: 5
Time of instruction (minutes):  2:30   
Media:  Power Point    

Terminal Learning Objective

Slide #       3
Action: Discuss Tactical Field Care

Condition: Given a guided discussion in a classroom environment.

Standard: Discuss Tactical Field Care to include:
* Identifying when Tactical Field Care applies
* Medical treatments involved

Lesson Administrative Information

Slide #      4

Safety Requirements: No Major Considerations

Risk Assessment Level: Low

Environmental Consideration: No Major Considerations

Evaluation: None

Instructional Lead-In:

Talk about Black Hawk Down

Note: The learning step/activity is a one-sentence statement describing the training activity, preferably in student action terms.

Method of Instruction:      Conference
Instructor to student ratio is: 1:  5
Time of instruction (minutes):    27  
Media:      power point

Slide #   5
Note:Once the tactical situation has changed and you are no longer under effective fire you have more time to evaluate your casualty and provide treatment for other injuries. Remember, the tactical situation will dictate when and how much care you can provide.     

Slide #    6 
Note:As you approach the casualty try and form a general impression of what happened and what types of injuries the casualty may have. CPR does not save a lot of lives in patients who have traumatic injuries. if your casualty has no pulse, no respirations, and no signs of life CPR will not save them

Slide #      7
Note:Reassess previous hemorrhage control performed in Care Under Fire or identify and control any ongoing bleeding. Follow above guidelines depending on where the site of the bleeding is located. Tourniquets for extremity wounds or hemostatic gauze if bleeding site not amenable to tourniquet use

Slide #      8
Note: Use the AVPU system to determine you casualty’s level of consciousness.

Slide #      9
Note:  A Alert
V Can respond to verbal commands
P Can only respond to painful stimuli
U Unconscious, unresponsive

Determine if students have learned the material presented by---

Check on Learning

a. Soliciting student questions and explanations
b. Asking questions and getting answers from the students.

1.      What is Tactical Field care?
2.      Where do you place the TQ?
3.      How do you assess consciousness?

c. Providing immediate feedback in context to the material presented and correcting student misunderstandings.

Midpoint Summary (Recap)
We’ve discussed what Tactical Field Care is and how we treat hemorrhage using tourniquets and hemostatic agents.

Instructional Lead-In

Slide #      10
Note:Breathing problems will require you to open the casualty’s IBA and expose the chest to look for injuries. if you find one place an occlusive bandage over the injury. Don’t forget to roll the casualty over and check for another wound on the back. Apply an occlusive bandage here also. Transport the casualty in the position of comfort if conscious or on the injured side if unconscious.

Slide #      11

Slide #    12
Note: Once you have covered any open chest wounds you will need to monitor your casualty’s respiration. Your casualty may have some respiratory distress secondary to the wound they have. Monitor the rate and ease of respiration over the next several minutes. If your casualty develops progressive respiratory distress (it is getting harder...
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