30 Days of Night

Topics: Horror film, English-language films, Ben Templesmith Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: September 25, 2008
30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night is a horror film written by Ben Templesmith and Steve Niles about a small town held hostage by blood thirsty vampires for a month during which they slaughter virtually everyone. The movie is written in such a way as to capture the viewer’s attention and provoke different feelings such as fear and pity. The author uses a lot of persuasive strategies in horrifying the viewer. The movie starts off with sound effects that melodramatize the viewer by stirring up emotions of fear and we hear most of these when certain actions are taking place: when the sun sets and darkness appears and the blood thirsty wild vampires start killing people and dogs. The weather is shown to be very cold and unbearable even for the accustomed inhabitants. The author uses Vampires, something people just created through their wild imagination but frightening when applied to the senses. And finally the author uses a small town, Barrow, with a few inhabitants, because small towns can be frightening in the sense that everyone knows almost everything about one another and if something new happens it’s always noticed. An example could be when the vampires come and people start disappearing mysteriously and it is quickly noticed. This brings us to the point that the author is trying to put across, which is, nothing is more valuable in life than staying alive. Chanda 2

This movie is not just created to excite or frighten viewers but for people to look at life from different perspectives and see what choices we would make. If we are put in a situation like this would we fight to stay alive? Or fight so that our loved ones can live. So the best solution to overcome our fears is by confronting them and letting fate decide the outcome. There is also the question of freedom? Should humanity be taken hostage in its own land by things we imagine? Is there a way we can overcome things like Vampires and weather by simply keeping warm and not let our own imagination...
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