30 Days ... Heart Touching Story!

Topics: Love, Aerosmith, Son Pages: 4 (495 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Boy and girl sitting alone in park

one night .... Chico: I think they are the remains of this

world .... Girl: I think so ... All my friends have

engaged, and we only have 2

... who left

in this world with special

person in our life ... Boy: Yeah, I do not know what to do .. Girl: I know! We play the game .. Boy: What game? Girl: I'll be your girl in 30 days

and you'll be my girlfriend ... Boy: It's a great plan in fact, I have

nothing to see much of this sequence

weeks ...

DAY 1: They watch their first movie, and they


touched in a romantic movie ..

Day 4: They went to the beach and have a

Picnic ...

Boy and girl have their quality time


Day 12: Son of the circus called the girl, and

driving on a house of horror .... Daughter was afraid

and touched the boy's hand, but he


on the other hand and both they

laughing ...

Day 15: They saw a predictor of Down

road and

have asked for their advice and future

of fortune

the cashier said: "My dear, do not

spend time in your life ... spend the rest of your life

time together

Fortunately "Then tears flow from the

ATM eyes

DAY 20: Boy Girl invited to go to the hill and

they saw a meteor ... She murmured:

something ...

DAY 28: They sat on the bus and because


the way in which the girl gave the boy his first kiss

an accident ...

DAY 29: 23:37 the girl and the boy was sitting in the park, where the

they decided to play this game ... Boy: I'm tired ... Do you prefer

drinks? You buy one .. I just have to go there


way ... Girl: Apple Juice that's all ... Boy: Wait for me .... 20 minutes later ... a stranger approached

Girl ... Stranger: Are you a friend of Boy Dat? Girl: Why not? What happened? Stranger: A drunk driver ran


boy, and it is critical to the hospital ... 11:57 The doctor came out of an emergency


and split the apple juice and

letter ......
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