3. What Steps Might Boeing Take to Defend Itself from This Sort of Competition?

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Sales Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: September 29, 2010
Now, Boeing is facing a very strong competition with Airbus due to increase of market share of Airbus in the market. In order to gain back its brand loyalty and market share, Boeing must react and respond to the competition. Although no one can prove that Airbus is doing the business in an unethical ways, but we must admit that competition between Boeing and Airbus is getting strong. Of cause we cannot said that Boeing will act unethically to compete, but most probably, Boeing will rearrange their ways of doing business as well!

We studied before that to gain competitive advantage; firms can either compete with lowest price or better quality at higher price. Of cause Boeing as an aircraft company cannot come out with the products of lower quality with lowest price since it relates to thousand of people’s life. But it can produce aircraft that are high in quality with higher price. After some time, people will know that Boeing is a trustable firm due to the high quality products that concern about people’s life. Boeing might change their target market to those developing countries as well. Previously, Boeing was targeting those countries that are better developed such as US, UK Singapore, and airline that are famous and popular in the market. But after the entries of Airbus into the competition, people switch their head to Airbus due to better promotions and offers by Airbus. Therefore, Boeing can actually reduce the competition by targeting some countries or airlines that are not been targeted by Airbus. Besides all these above, Boeing can also provide better services to obtain the sales. Services offered can be after-sales services or before-sales services. Both are important to enhance the customers and create brand loyalty. With better services, people can actually judge the ability of firm and compare with Airbus in term of services. End up; Boeing with better services might obtain the sales that create brand image and good valuable. Sales promotion in...
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