3 Ways to Train a Dog

Topics: Dog breed, Dog, Labrador Retriever Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Vanessa Allen
Carolyn Bax
English 045
March 26 2013
Three Ways To Train a Dog
How many times have you heard dogs being referred to as “mans best friend?” Training your dog will strengthen that bond that you have with your dog. Dogs are very smart animals, they can trained; to be working dogs, show dogs or as a domestic pet that does tricks.

There are many different types of working dogs; sheep herders, seeing eye dogs and police dogs. First, most Border Collie or Collie breed of dogs are the best for herding sheep in the fields, they love to work hard. This is a trait that is hereditary, comes to them naturally. Secondly, Labradors are the most common breed of dog used for seeing eye dogs. These dogs assist the blind in walking across busy streets, carrying or fetching items for them. These dogs wear a harness that the blind person can hold on to to be led around safely.This harness also has a warning on it that says that this dog is a working dog and not to pet it without permission on the person it is working with. Last but not least the German Shepard is the most common breed of dog that is used in all types of police work. These dogs go through extensive training to learn how to; smell drugs, bombs, track a criminal or a missing person. These dogs are very intelligent and take commands very well. A German Shepard can take down a 200 pound man, keep him down and restrained until told to release.

Many people buy, raise or breed dogs specifically just for dogs shows to win cash and prizes. All breeds of dogs can be a show dog. First these dogs go through a lot of grooming and primping. Secondly they are even are trained to pose a certain way for judging. Thirdly they go through agility training through an obstacle course that includes running through tunnels, up and down ramps and jumps while the owner is jogging nearby coaching them. To many people ,this is a full time job they go from one dog show to the next to gain recognition for their breed of...
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