3 Things That Make Me Who I Am

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  • Published : September 3, 2008
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There are many things that will bring a significant effect to one's life. As for myself, three essential elements are education, health, as well as family. Education gives me the knowledge which allows me to pursuit a career. Health gives me the strength to accomplish my goals and to sustain my education or career. Futhermore, family gives me the love and support that will aid me in stepping towards success. As a result, education, health, and family are not just three simple elements that are important to my life, but they also make my life more fulfilling, thrilling, and exhilarating.

Education is incredibly important to my life. As i gain more knowledge and wisdom, my lifestyle will improve as well. Education gives me the oppurtunity to fulfill my desires and aids me towards accomplishments. When i was young, I never take education seriously. However, now i realised the fact that only education can provide me the knowledge I need in order to pursuit my career. Only skills and experiences acquire from education gives my the chance to fulfill my goals. Without education, there are no ways for me to have a fulfilling life.

Health is another important elements I need in order to have a thrilling and extraordinary lifestyle. Health gives me the strength to accomplish my goals and sustain my career. Without a healthy body, one can never have the ability to fulfill their goals. Yet health will also make one's life more thrilling because with a strong and healthy body, one can have the strength to enjoy life.

In addition, family is another important thing that I need in order to reach satisfactory. Family gives me the love and support that act as a motivational drive to encourage myself to overcome failures and reach success. Family makes my life more exhilarating by giving me unconditional supports that will brighten my tedious and monotonous life.

To conclude, education, health, and family are not just unique characteristics that make my life more...
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