3 Themes of Her First Ball

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Essay Question : Her First Ball Themes
“Her First Ball” is a short story written by Katherine Mansfield's, Mansfield's mainly focuses with the shortness of happiness and joyful moments in human life. In this story, the protagonist is a young girl called Leila who with her cousins attends her first ball, a large formal ball with dancing. The main themes of this story are very dramatically described throughout the short story. The story tells us the idea of a girl's first experience of a ball dance. Leila was so excited to experience something new in her life as she never went to a Ball "Have you really never been to a ball before, Leila? But, my child, how too weird". Leila was sensitive and felt that everything around her in the ball was very magical. The story also relates the idea of youth happiness and brevity as a theme. the old man wanted to clear that Leila's happiness will not last long, It will just exist in her youth. Leila thought that she will enjoy her life for non countable time, as they call it unlimited time.The old man claimed that Leila will grow up soon and get as old as him. The old man also mentioned that Leila will get ugly "These Pretty arms will have turned into little short fat ones" - "no one wants to kiss you now" which moved Leila from an excitement mood to a bad mood. Another main theme of this story is the resilience of youth. Even though Leila was broken hearted by the old man warnings about her getting old and ugly, she realized that no one could trust the future because it is unseen. Regardless the old man's warnings, Leila continued to enjoy herself at the ball "And when her next partner bumped her into the fat man and he said, 'Pardon', she smiled at him more radiantly than ever. She didn't recognize him again" , to swing her mood back to excitement mood. She forgot the aged man's signals,realizing that she was still in her youth age and she should enjoy her life. A suggested theme in this story is that Leila had a lot of...
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