3. the Future of Religion and Politics in the Developing World

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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3. The Future of Religion and Politics in the Developing World Religion and Politics are an influential aspect of daily life and continue to affect people today in what they believe in religion and politics. Currently in the news, there is a war regarding religion and beliefs that were made into a movie and portrayed as untrue beliefs from that culture. The politics behind what is brought forth in a story written and then put on a screen has created a religious and political war. Although what was written and produced was viewed as freedom of speech, it has ultimately outraged the believers regarding their religious beliefs. Religion is a belief in someone or something that allows a person to have prayer and beliefs in their culture for the better of their life as they see it. Religion is very much alive as part of politics (Handleman, 2011, p 58). Politics are what affects not only individuals but also countries that should abide by the laws of what are established in order to obtain peace, structure, and control with the people. When religion and politics are put together, they are essentially within the same, beliefs, structure, searching for peace, and allowing a greater being or source to be in control. Religions

There are many different types of religions and cultures all over the world. There are many different types of Gods that people have faith in and perform prayer to daily. For centuries, certain religions have stayed within the same beliefs; there are new religions throughout the world that have also not thrived, as well. The church, the laws of the church, and Christianity will continue to be alive and growth on earth every day. People should be allowed to believe in whatever God they choose, but in different countries and with their cultures, people can be brought up to believe only in what they are taught. Catholic Religious Beliefs. There are many religions of the world, and one of the leading religions is Catholicism. The only...
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