3 Reasons for the Importance of Marine Research

Topics: New Jersey Turnpike, Interstate 95, Pennsylvania Turnpike Pages: 4 (799 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Me and my classmate are starting our voyages in Miami Springs and want to head north to the Big Apple, New York. Its about one month to walk 1284 miles and going to pass 7 state from Miami Spring to New York. Our journey starts: 1. Head south on Albatross St toward Lark Ave

0.1 mi
2. Turn left onto Westward Dr
0.5 mi
3. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit ontoCurtiss Pkwy/S Royal Poinciana Blvd 0.1 mi
4. Turn left onto S Hook Square
0.1 mi
5. Take the 2nd right onto FL-25 S/US-27 S
1.3 mi
6. Merge onto FL-112 E via the ramp to I-95/Miami Beach
Partial toll road
3.1 mi
7. Take the I-95 S exit toward Downtown
Toll road
0.2 mi
8. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-95 N/Ft Lauderdale and merge onto I-95 Express Partial toll road
7.2 mi
9. Take the exit toward Florida Turnpike/Florida 826
394 ft
10. Merge onto I-95 N
0.4 mi
11. Take exit 12 A on the left for Florida 826 W/Florida Turnpike 0.7 mi
12. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Turnpike and merge onto FL-91 N Toll road
109 mi
13. Take exit 152 for FL-70 E
Toll road
0.5 mi
14. Merge onto FL-70/Okeechobee Rd
0.7 mi
15. Merge onto I-95 N via the ramp toDaytona Beach
222 mi
16. Slight left to stay on I-95 N
Passing through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina
Entering Virginia
572 mi
17. Take exit 46 to merge onto I-295 Ntoward Washington/Richmond International Airport 42.1 mi
18. Take exit 43A on the left for Interstate 95 N toward Washington 2.0 mi
19. Merge onto I-95 N
90.3 mi
20. Take the Interstate 95/Interstate 495exit
0.7 mi
21. Take exit 2A-B on the left for Interstate 295 N toward Washington National Harbor 0.5 mi
22. Merge onto I-495 N/I-95 N
Passing through District of Columbia
Entering Maryland
1.6 mi
23. Take exit 2B to merge onto I-295 Ntoward Washington Entering District of Columbia
6.3 mi
24. Continue onto District of Columbia Hwy 295 (signs for I-95 N/Baltimore/US-50 E/Annapolis) Entering Maryland
4.7 mi
25. Continue onto MD-201...
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