3. Pick One of the Approaches of Either Realism, Liberalism, International Society or International Political Economy to Show How Compatible (or Not) Are They with the Constructivist Approach of Ir. Indicate What Case

Topics: International relations, United States, Cold War Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Explain whether you agree or disagree with Alexander Wendt’s statement: “if the United States and the Soviet Union decide they are no longer enemies . . . the cold war is over.” Is this what happened?

When searching for Realist approach versus Constructivist approach even in IR textbooks, it is clear that these two schools in International Relations are totally incompatible. “Realism is the school of thought that explains relations in terms of power”, (Goldstein & Pevehouse). Realists believe that in order to influence the behavior of other states, each state should not rely on its alliances, but rely on the power of their own. They see political power as the most important issue in contrast with ideology, morality, and other aspects of life. Realists believe that human beings are unfaithful and can’t be trusted, so the need of a sovereign and strong government will help in keeping a successful society and in keeping norms and rules unbroken by the evil of humanity. The specific government will guarantee and maintain order so that the community won’t enter in a state of chaos created by the eager forces of humans, which are evil by nature and led by passion and the need of unlimited power. One of the fathers of this school of thought was Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes stated, “A state of war will ensue that will put every man against himself. Eventually the state of war will lead the people towards peace and the only way to achieve the peace is through social contract. Social peace and civil unity are best achieved through the establishment of a commonwealth through a social contract. This social contract insists that a sovereign power be granted absolute power to protect the commonwealth. This sovereign power will be able to control the powers of human nature because its whole function is to protect the common man”. Moreover, cultural factors such as ideologies and religion with which states justify their actions, do not matter to realists. In the short term,...
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